Welcoming back the “SAM” brand

Manjit Jus
Head of ESG Ratings

Edoardo Gai
Head of ESG Benchmarking

Join us in warmly welcoming SAM, the unit of RobecoSAM, which specializes in providing ESG data, ratings, and benchmarking.

We are proud to present the 2019 Sustainability Yearbook, launched this year under SAM, the brand designated for distinct activities with, and for those companies that interact with us in connection with the Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA).

For 20 years, the CSA has been a leading methodology for assessing the ESG performance of companies. The results are today used in many ways, the Sustainability Yearbook and the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) being the most visible.

It is this use of the CSA results by S&P Dow Jones Indices (S&P DJI) for well-established indices such as the DJSI and others, that was our main reason for re-introducing the SAM brand.

Now operating under SAM are two specialist business areas:


  • ESG Ratings
    which is responsible for the CSA, from the methodology behind the assessment, to the annual data collection, through to the evaluation and scoring of individual companies, and also contributing the data to S&P DJI for their indices.
  • ESG Benchmarking
    (formerly known as Sustainability Services), which provides to companies, experts and practitioners a range of unique services to evaluate companies’ sustainability performance, based on CSA results and by comparing it to best practice.

This move sets apart these specialist areas as the interface to companies and will enhance the role of the CSA as an essential tool for understanding and improving corporate sustainability performance.

Having these areas of business operating under the SAM brand increases their prominence reflecting the growing interest from the market in these offerings. It also allows for broader use of the CSA results by S&P DJI.

In addition, this step emphasizes the objectivity of the CSA process, making a clear distinction and separation from the RobecoSAM asset management business, in line with the European Benchmarks Regulation.

While the Yearbook under the SAM brand remains the same in many ways, we also seek to adapt to the ever-changing needs of today’s information consumers. This year, for the first time, we are publishing the percentile ranks of all companies assessed for The Sustainability Yearbook. Visit this page to get free and direct access to the percentile rankings of all the companies assessed for the Yearbook.

By making ESG data more accessible to investors and other stakeholders, our goal is to further advance disclosure, transparency, and decision-making in both the corporate and investment communities.

2018 Annual Corporate Sustainability Assessment

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